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  • Pin

    With surface induction harden after STD quenching and tempering , the deeper hardness layer extends its service life

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  • Bushing

    On the basis of ensuring high wear resistance with various of appearances to choose

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  • Track Chain
    Track Chain

    HD Chain for Mining and Forestry Applications. Enhanced on rail point. Carburizing Bushing.

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  • Bolt&Nut

    A wide range of fasteners to contruction machines of all kinds with Grade 12.9.

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About Us
Quanzhou Manba Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for construction machinery spare parts, mainly supplying bucket pin&bushing, track chain, rollers, bolts and nuts and other precision components. "Quality & service - Oriented" is the constant principle and guideline of Manba. With a team of experienced workers and automatic manufacturing machines, Manba has a monthly output of 30-containers. With QC staffs and testing machines doing quality control and inspection for every batch. Manba customer service team answers customers’ question 24/7. These and many other advantages enable Manba to cooperate with several well-known OEMs customers from home and abroad. We appreciate all business no matter big or small. Please feel free to contact us if there is any inquiry.
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History of MANBA CM


History of MANBA CM
Established in 2006, Manba mainly produces high quality bucket pins, bushings and track chains, and provides a series of solutions for end users. In 2006, CNC lathes and table drilling machines were purchased to provide turning and drilling of bucket pins and bucket bushings. In 2008, we purchased boring groove, drilling and grinding machine equipment, added oil groove, drilling hole and finishing process of bucket bushings, and cooperated with heat treatment department of large enterprises, started to produce bucket bushings finish products for sale by ourselves, and set up several dealer points in China. In 2010, the export business was carried out. In the same year, vertical drilling machines and electric welders were purchased, and the finish products of bucket pins were started to be supplied. And the well-known foreign enterprises such as Russian “THE PROFESSIOANAL” began to purchase the bucket pins&bushings. In 2012, track chain processing sub-factory was be set up to provide processing for other enterprises. Such as some local well-known track chain enterprises HLD, MINDA and so on. In 2014, several new CNC lathes were purchased, and the processing efficiency and precision of bucket pins&bushings were greatly improved. In the same year, high frequency induction heating equipment was purchased, and the surface heat treatment process of bucket pin was added to ensure that the hardness and depth of heat treatment of bucket pins meet customer requirements. In 2016, we added track chain assembly equipment, began selling the finished products chain, set up several distributors in China, and began OEM for the famous foreign enterprises such as Brazil “Minusa”, and the mining conditions were guaranteed for at least one year. In 2018, the import and export trading company was registered and start to shifted the focus of the sales market from domestic to abroad. New CNC boring machine and CNC internal grinder were purchased in the first half of this year, which improved the processing efficiency of bucket bushing oil groove and the tolerance precision of inside and outside diameter. In the second half of the year, we purchased automatic protective welding machine and polishing machine, and developed and launched Manba characteristic polishing bucket pin&bush, which became Manba's characteristic superior products. In 2019, we have mastered the professional spray painting technology, launched the high quality and beautiful bucket pin of double-head spray painting with surface polishing, and began to promote "m track" and "MTR" independent chain products, dedicated to high-quality products to cope with harsh working conditions such as mining. Manba's core concept, namely, the pursuit of quality and other aspects of improvement will never stop. In the future, we plan to continuously improve production capacity, add advanced mesh belt heat treatment equipment and introduce heat treatment professionals and technicians, so as to achieve the wh...
  • 04-04

    Excavator Working Device Pivot Pin
    Common excavator structures include power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, control mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities. The working device is a device that directly completes the excavation task. It is hinged by three parts: boom, stick and bucket. The boom take-off and landing, stick telescopic and bucket rotation are all controlled by reciprocating double acting hydraulic cylinders. Standard excavators usually have 11 joint pivot pins, which are distributed on the boom, stick and bucket. According to the installation position, There are bucket pins, arm pins, arm cylinder pins, coupling pins of boom and arm, boom cylinder pins and boom pins. The pivot pin at the bottom of the boom is usually the longest pin. Except for the top pin of the boom cylinder, the cylinder pin of other parts are relatively short. Usually, the top pin of the boom oil cylinder does not have a plate. It has a bolt hole at both ends or three screw holes on both side surfaces In addition, the pins in other positions basically have plates, and the types of plates of different brands are different.
  • 10-16

    Interpretation of the 2021 Construction Machinery Rankings
    The 2021 global top 50 construction machinery manufacturers list shows that the total sales of the top 50 companies are 191.5 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of 11.2 billion U.S. dollars compared to 2020, a decline of 5.5%. The top 50 entry threshold is US$278 million, an increase of US$31 million compared to 2020. From the perspective of sales scale, 4 of the world's top 50 construction machinery companies have sales of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, 29 companies have sales of 1-10 billion U.S. dollars, and 10 companies have sales of 5-10 billion. Between US$100 million and the remaining seven companies have sales of less than US$500 million. In terms of sales share, China’s 10 companies on the list account for 25% of the total, while Japan’s 11 companies account for 22%, the United States accounted for 21.9%, Sweden accounted for 9.7%, and Germany accounted for 5.6%. South Korea accounted for 4.9%, Finland accounted for 3.0%, the United Kingdom accounted for 2.1%, France accounted for 2.0%, Italy accounted for 1.3%, and Austria accounted for 0.9%.
  • 05-08

    Manba Basketball Team won the runner-up
            This month, the local community organized the "Hua Mao Cup" basketball invitational tournament. A total of 8 strong teams were invited. The MANBA team was among them. The MANBA team won the group first with an excellent record. In the semi-finals A key three-pointer made by MANBA made the MANBA team qualified for the final. On the night of the final, MANBA and Longji launched a fierce confrontation, biting the score to the end, and finally lost to Longji and won the runner-up.
  • 05-18

    Earth-moving Equipment
    Earth-moving equipment: commonly used machinery types and their applications in construction In recent years, the demand for modern infrastructure has grown exponentially. The government has launched a number of plans, such as achieving universal housing by 2022, PMAY and smart city missions, which require either the construction of new infrastructure or the upgrading of existing infrastructure. These plans can only have a positive impact on the construction industry and the construction equipment industry. According to a report released by Business Wire, India's real estate market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.54% by 2020, and its valuation will reach Rs 121,000 crore by 2020, while India’s construction equipment industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate. The annual growth rate is 6.8% between FY18 and FY24. Due to its size and importance, the most easily identifiable machinery on any construction site is earth-moving equipment, which is ubiquitous in various applications in the construction industry. They are used in various earthwork projects, including laying foundations, leveling soil, removing dust and rocks, digging trenches, demolition projects, etc. These complex machines are operated by professionals. Different types of earth-moving machinery can complete different types of tasks, and due to technological advances in the industry, there are various types of earth-moving machinery on the market today that can meet almost any type of construction activity. Excavators Backhoe Loaders Bulldozers Skid-Steer Loaders Trenchers 1. Excavators These heavy machines consist of a hopper and a long arm, with a bucket attachment at the end of the long arm. They use hydraulic systems to function. The operator controls the excavator from a basic cab that can rotate 3600. The basic cab is placed on a supporting structure with wheels or tracks. Excavators are widely used in small and large construction sites. Their applications include excavation, demolition, heavy lifting, leveling, beautification, mining, dredging, etc. 2. Backhoe Loaders A backhoe loader or backhoe is a machine mounted on a tire, with a shovel at the front and a bucket connected to the back end of the bucket. They look very similar to agricultural tractors, and their mobility makes them very suitable for use in urban areas. The backhoe loader is a medium-sized machine that can be used for applications such as excavation engineering, trenching, placing pipes, filling trenches, and lifting materials. Some backhoe loaders have retractable buckets that can be replaced with other equipment for construction activities or buckets of various sizes, which can be used for applications such as digging trenches with different widths. 3. Bulldozers Bulldozers are considered to be one of the heaviest machines that can be found on construction sites, and one of its most common applications is to move large amounts of dirt or soil in large and empty con...
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