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History of MANBA CM

Jan 31, 2018

Established in 2006, Manba mainly produces high quality bucket pins, bushings and track chains, and provides a series of solutions for end users.

In 2006, CNC lathes and table drilling machines were purchased to provide turning and drilling of bucket pins and bucket bushings.

In 2008, we purchased boring groove, drilling and grinding machine equipment, added oil groove, drilling hole and finishing process of bucket bushings, and cooperated with heat treatment department of large enterprises, started to produce bucket bushings finish products for sale by ourselves, and set up several dealer points in China.

In 2010, the export business was carried out. In the same year, vertical drilling machines and electric welders were purchased, and the finish products of bucket pins were started to be supplied. And the well-known foreign enterprises such as Russian “THE PROFESSIOANAL” began to purchase the bucket pins&bushings.

In 2012, track chain processing sub-factory was be set up to provide processing for other enterprises. Such as some local well-known track chain enterprises HLD, MINDA and so on.

In 2014, several new CNC lathes were purchased, and the processing efficiency and precision of bucket pins&bushings were greatly improved. In the same year, high frequency induction heating equipment was purchased, and the surface heat treatment process of bucket pin was added to ensure that the hardness and depth of heat treatment of bucket pins meet customer requirements.

In 2016, we added track chain assembly equipment, began selling the finished products chain, set up several distributors in China, and began OEM for the famous foreign enterprises such as Brazil “Minusa”, and the mining conditions were guaranteed for at least one year.

In 2018, the import and export trading company was registered and start to shifted the focus of the sales market from domestic to abroad. New CNC boring machine and CNC internal grinder were purchased in the first half of this year, which improved the processing efficiency of bucket bushing oil groove and the tolerance precision of inside and outside diameter. In the second half of the year, we purchased automatic protective welding machine and polishing machine, and developed and launched Manba characteristic polishing bucket pin&bush, which became Manba's characteristic superior products.

In 2019, we have mastered the professional spray painting technology, launched the high quality and beautiful bucket pin of double-head spray painting with surface polishing, and began to promote "m track" and "MTR" independent chain products, dedicated to high-quality products to cope with harsh working conditions such as mining.
Manba's core concept, namely, the pursuit of quality and other aspects of improvement will never stop. In the future, we plan to continuously improve production capacity, add advanced mesh belt heat treatment equipment and introduce heat treatment professionals and technicians, so as to achieve the whole process quality control of products from raw materials to finished products, ensure product quality stability and enhance brand value.

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