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Caterpillar celebrates landmark for bulldozer

Aug 03, 2020

More than 175,000 Caterpillar medium-duty high-drive bulldozers have been produced.

In 1985, with the introduction of the H series engine, Caterpillar extended its revolutionary overhead sprocket chassis concept to the Medium Track Tractor (MTTT) series. For bulldozers of 130 to 350 hp (100 to 250 kW), it is still unique today. The high drive design is more suitable for the ground, and the ratio of the low drive and oval track design improves durability, maintainability and performance.

Cat®D4H, D5H, D6H and D7H bulldozer models are the first models to adopt a high-drive design. In 1987, D8L introduced this series. In addition to bringing many of the same advantages of large bulldozers to the medium-sized production line, the elevated drive sprocket also allows the movement of the front and rear crawler inertia wheels. In contrast to an elliptical crawler, this helps to more easily fine-tune mechanical balance and ground pressure for specific applications. For the first time, the D4H and D5H models provide variable pitch angle tilt (VPAT) blades for high-drive bulldozers to change the job by stepping at higher speeds.

Thirty-five years later, Caterpillar celebrated the production of 3 commemorative 175,000 units in May 2020, thus achieving the unparalleled success of sprocket design on medium-sized bulldozers. Wes Holm, Chief Product Engineer of Caterpillar Medium Tractors, said: "Because these devices set new standards for efficiency, productivity and ease of operation. "With our next-generation medium-duty bulldozer production line, including With the new D5, D6 and D7 models, we will continue to promote the development of these areas through technological transformation to raise productivity and efficiency to another level. "

Three commemorative Cat® tractors built
Due to travel and assembly restrictions due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Caterpillar cancelled in-person celebrations to commemorate the historic 175,000 milestone of its medium-sized bulldozer. However, three customers own these memorial units. The fenders on these memorial units have special decals, which represent a milestone of 175,000 units. This 175,000 image also appeared inside the cab, embroidered on the headrest, and printed on a plaque marking the status of each limited edition.

The first two memorial devices built in East Peoria, Illinois are Cat D6 XE electric bulldozers with a smooth dark gray and black paint scheme. The third is the D6 bulldozer, with a 4-speed, fully automatic transmission, made of traditional Cat yellow finishing, with special black tracks and blades.

Cat D6 XE is a symbol of long-term innovation in the medium-sized bulldozer product line, and is the world's first electric bulldozer to provide an elevated sprocket design. It has a sturdy and lightweight structure that can provide the best machine balance for leveling without the need for rear tools or counterweights. Integrated Cat GRADE technologies, such as the standard Slope Assist and the available Cat GRADE with 3D, can help increase overall site productivity by up to 50%. Bulldozers can improve fuel efficiency by up to 35%, with durable design, updated components, longer repair intervals and extended regular maintenance, which can reduce repair and maintenance costs by up to 12%.

Goodfellow Bros., a long-time Caterpillar customer and owner of multi-sector cat bulldozers, is a fourth-generation family team headquartered in Winnert, Washington, and won one of the D6 XE units. Before the mud in Hawaii, Goodfellow plans to showcase this new type of bulldozer at the company's 100th anniversary celebration scheduled for 2021.

Caterpillar-Holt's long-term partnership can be traced back to the establishment of the company, when Benjamin Holt invented the crawler bulldozer in 1904. The design of the D6XE bulldozer embodies Holt's 116 years of continuous innovation since it was originally Caterpillar. The agency plans to use it to help promote the Cat's new generation of bulldozers in future customer events.

The commemorative D6 bulldozer was delivered to the Canadian dealer Finning Cat, and then sold to the Midwest Pipeline Company in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The ownership of Cat MTTT can be traced back 39 years in the Midwest Its sister company, Pidherney of Alberta, founder Melv Pidherney bought his first bulldozer Cat D6D. Today, the total fleet of bulldozers has nearly 100 people, and these companies are still family-owned and operated, specializing in oilfield, civil and transportation projects.

The Cat D6 and D6 XE bulldozers, along with other models in the medium-duty bulldozer production line, are only manufactured in East Peoria, Illinois and Grenoble, France. In addition, Caterpillar produces Cat medium-sized bulldozers in Piracicaba, Brazil and Rayong, Thailand to meet the needs of the global market.

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